How Syria and other countries use emergency rule to quash dissent

The concept of emergency rule has been at the forefront of much of the Mideast unrest. Some countries have been in a “state of emergency” for decades, long

via How Syria and other countries use emergency rule to quash dissent.

Syria’s Bathist Regime to me represents the worst form of Authoritarian Government in the World. Its run under Emergency Law, which essentially means the President, in this case President Brashir Assad. Can essentially do whatever he feels he needs to, to protect the country. Even if this means doing things that are not in the best interest of the Syrian People. Like locking up people indefinitely because he feels they are some type of threat to his regime. This also means One Party rule, in this case the Bathist Party. Which is clearly an Authoritarian Party. Not as bad as Saddam Hussein’s Bathist Party. I wouldn’t consider this party evil but they are bad. They are interested in power and holding onto power. To protect the Syrian People from themselves.

The Bathist Party to represents Arabia’s version of a Communist Party. Very authoritarian, they have a Command and Control Socialist Economy. With very little if any Economic Freedom. And because of this they are one of the poorest countries in Arabia. They all have very little if any Social Freedom. Without out the ability to protest and access to Free Media without retribution from the government. The Bathist Party takes has the idea with Emergency Law. We can protect you even from yourselves. But in order to do this, we have to be authoritarian. And constrict your ability to get information, speak out, get a good education and make a good living.

Emergency Law is designed to protect the regime perhaps even more then the country itself. By having serious constrictions on how people live their lives. And takes the attitude that we need to protect people from themselves. To keep them safe.


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