Syria Ends 48-Year-Old ‘Emergency’ Rule Law, Kills More Protesters | The Weekly Standard

Syria Ends 48-Year-Old ‘Emergency’ Rule Law, Kills More Protesters | The Weekly Standard.

The Fact that President Assad of Syria has ended Emergency Law in Syria is a good first step. But its just a first step, President Assad doesn’t have to suffer the same fate as the dictators in Tunisia and Egypt. He could be a reformer and move to bring Syria in the 21st Century and even become the Elected Leader of Syria even as the Leader of the Bathist Party. In free and open elections. Allowing other Political Parties to be on the ballot. Including reform minded liberal and conservative parties and even socialist parties to run for election. For either President of Syria as well as for the Syrian Parliament. This would be a great 2nd step along with finally ending Emergency Law in Syria. That would give President Assad a legitimate chance of staying in power. But this would be just a 2nd step. There’s so much needed reform that needs to happen in Syria. For them to move from a deeply poor country, to in the 21st Century.

President Assad should allow for private media in Syria, including Foreign Media and Social Networks. Stop arresting peaceful Political Protesters and release peaceful Political Prisoners. As well as establishing Freedom of Assembly in Syria. And even Constitutional Amendments to the Syrian Constitution. Or rewriting a new Constitution for Syria. President Assad has made a good first step in bring reform to Syria. But they have a long way to go to bringing Syria into the 21st Century along with Turkey. A Middle Eastern neighbor of Syria.


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