Education choices for D.C. voters | Jonetta Rose Barras | DC | Washington Examiner

Education choices for D.C. voters | Jonetta Rose Barras | DC | Washington Examiner.

The Republican Party and Conservative Movement used to and still does to a certain extent. Speak in favor of States Rights and Local Control. That the best government is the government closest to home. That things like education, housing, Law Enforcement. Should be left to the people closest to the scene. That Uncle Sam shouldn’t be making decisions for governments that aren’t close to them. Because they are not on the ground and that these State Local Governments have a better idea of how to handle these situations on their own. These are all good points and I agree with a lot of it. Washington shouldn’t be telling Milwaukee, Denver, San Francisco etc how best to educate their kids. And how to regulate marriage to use as examples. These are decisions best made for State and Local Governments because they are there and know their populations better then anyone. And are going to get stuck paying the bill for whatever decisions they make. As well as whatever the FEDS want them to do. Because most likely the FEDS won’t provide them the resources to do what they want them to do.

The problem is that some ideologues on the Right Wing don’t actually believe what they say or are at least not consistent. For example they believe in States Rights and Local Control, as long as these governments are doing what they want them to do. So if California were legalize Gay Marriage, they would expect the US Justice Department to challenge it in Federal Court. If Oregon were to legalize marijuana, they would expect the Justice Department to challenge that in court as well. But if Milwaukee were to pass a School Voucher Law. They would say first we agree with them. And if they want to do that, great its their city. So as long as your doing what they want you to do, its States Rights and Local Control. If you do something that they disagree with. Then its either immoral or unconstitutional.

The City of Washington is the perfect example of this. Where they’ve been trying to force Washington to adopt the Death Penalty, weaken their Gun Control laws. And pass a Private School Voucher bill. Political Values are only worth anything when you practice what you say you believe in. Otherwise you just sound like another politician who’ll say what they think they need to. To get popular support.


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