POLITICO: Barbour won’t run – Ben Smith – Barbour won’t run

POLITICO: Barbour won’t run – Ben Smith – Barbour won’t run.

In a lot of ways Haley Barbour would be the perfect candidate for President for the GOP. Because he appeals to all of their factions and knows the party about as well as anyone. Economic Conservatives like him because of his belief in de regulation, Low Taxes, Free Trade. His belief that the Federal Government is too big and spends too much money. And that we should focus on Deficit and Debt Reduction. Neo Conservatives like GOV Barbour because of his belief in a strong National Defense. Christian Conservatives like GOV Barbour because he’s a Social Conservative who believes in Traditional Values. And is against things like abortion, Gay Gay Marriage, Gays in the military etc. Haley Barbour is a Governor, Governor of Mississippi the Capital of the Bible Belt and a very popular Governor. GOV Barbour has both Executive Experience as well as Washington Experience. When he was Chairman of the RNC from 1993-95. And a very successful Chairman as the GOP took control of Congress. He’s very popular in the Republican Party and in a lot of ways would be a perfect GOP Candidate for President. But what makes a perfect GOP Presidential Candidate, doesn’t automatically make him a perfect General Election Candidate for President.

To become President of the United States as a republican or democrat at least. You have to both win your parties nomination for President. But also win the General Election. And those are two different elections, with different voters. You have to be both conservative or liberal enough, depending on the party to win the nomination. But then mainstream enough to win the Presidency. Meaning you have to be able to win both sets of voters who are different and don’t see the World the same on everything. While not offending the other so much, that you lose their votes. Independent Voters who decide the Presidential Elections. Tend to be pragmatic and liberal on Social Issues where they like most democrats. But conservative on Fiscal Issues and tend to like a lot of republicans. So Presidential Nominees have to keep their Parties Base, while they are going after Independent Voters by appealing to them. Thats the Balancing Act of Balancing Acts, which is why its so hard to win the Presidency.

I’m a democrat and obviously have no inside info on what the GOP Establishment, which decides who their candidates are. Are looking for in a Presidential Nominee. But what I’ve observed from the outside. It looks like they see 2012 as a year to win. And not just to fight the good fight and just fight for their values. Meaning they are looking for a Presidential Candidate that can not only win the nomination but the general as well. Which is why Mitt Romney is having such a tough time. Even though he looks like a solid General Candidate who could appeal to Independent Voters. The Republican Right doesn’t trust him. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman look like great candidates with the Republican Base. But independents especially in Palin’s case strongly dislike her.

As great as Haley Barbour might look from the inside as a Presidential Candidate in GOP Primary’s. He looks as bad on the outside in a General Election. Especially against Barack Obama. Because of his past or current stance on Civil Rights. Questioning the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The last thing the GOP needs is another candidate who feeds into the stereotype that republicans and conservatives don’t care about Civil Rights and don’t think they are important. And I think thats the message that the GOP Establishment has sent GOV Barbour. Which is why he’s not running for President.


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