Defense of DOMA Remains in Good Hands | The Foundry

Defense of DOMA Remains in Good Hands | The Foundry.

I’ve never consider defending the Civil Rights as equal as defending the Civil Rights because of one’s ethnicity or race. Because ethnic or racial bigotry is the worst form of bigotry. Because your hating or putting someone down because of their DNA and heritage, something that remains with them their whole lives. You can’t change your ethnicity and race. You can change your Physical Appearance, but you’ll always have the same ethnicity and race. It hasn’t been proven that homosexuals are born gay. And that once they are gay,  they remain that way their whole life. The evidence is actually to the contrary. There are homosexuals who are gay as soon as they become sexually interested and remain that way their whole life. But there are others who believe they are gay but then discover they are attracted to someone of the opposite sex. And decide that they are heterosexual or bisexual. But I would still fight to the hill to protect the Civil Rights of homosexuals as much as I would fight to protect the Civil Right of people who are discriminated based on their ethnicity or race or gender. Because homophobia like Ethnic Discrimination or racism. Is about ignorance, judging someone because of who they are and not what they do.

So when I see laws or proposals that discriminate homosexuals because of their sexuality. Whether it has to do with the workplace, inheritance, adoption, marriage etc. As a liberal but more importantly as an american it makes me angry. Because its about bigotry, pure and simple and is Anti America. The proponents of these laws have never been able to justify why we should have them. And they’ve only been able to offer their religious interpretation of the bible. Or they are standing up for Traditional Values, even though just because something has been done one way for a long time. Doesn’t exactly mean thats the best way to do it. Free Society’s like America have a tendency to progress and move forward and get better. Take the Civil Rights battles of the 1960s for example. Even the South probably the most conservative part of America, has progressed on Race Relations. They haven’t caught up with the rest of the country but they’ve move forward. The only thing that I can get from people who make the Anti Gay proposals, is because they don’t like homosexuals and consider them to be sinners or whatever. Because they still haven’t offered a credible argument for them.

Defending DOMA Defense of Marriage Act, the worst piece of legislation that President Clinton signed into law. That even he has acknowledge was a mistake. Is defending the indefensible, pure and simple. Its standing up bigotry towards homosexuals, for discriminating against them for who they are. And not what they do and deserves to be repealed.


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