Dennis Kucinich | Washington State 10th District | The Daily Caller

Dennis Kucinich | Washington State 10th District | The Daily Caller.

Dennis Kucinich may not be a typical politician, but he’s certainly a career politician. Considering moving to another state, just to stay in the House. Implying that the House of Representatives can’t get by without him. The Democratic Party’s Chief Critic of President Obama and I believe the Chief Critic for Democratic Socialists of the President. Whether its about Afghanistan, Iraq, now Libya, Health Care Reform, Wall Street Reform TARP and I’m sure there are other issues. Dennis Kucinich is sorta like the Democratic Party’s version of Ron Paul. Someone who votes against his parties Leadership about as often as he votes with him. Perhaps a democrat in name only, kinda like Ron Paul being a republican in name only. Politicians without a party to call home right now. Considering leaving his State of Ohio where he grew up and lives. Because the Ohio Republican Legislature has rewritten his House District. To make it very difficult for Rep. Kucinich to keep his House Seat.

I have a suggestion for Rep. Kucinich, instead of leaving his state to remain essentially a Back Bencher in the House. Because he’s part of the Far Left wing of the party. I suggest to him that he run for President instead. If he thinks the President is doing such a bad job and had made unconstitutional decisions. And he believes the job of being President can be done better. Then he should run for President but not as a democrat where he would be remembered and hated by democrats for doing so. For costing democrats the White House and probably the Senate and retaking the House as well. He along with Ralph Nader and Bernie Sanders. Should run for President for a united Socialist Party. That combines the Socialist fringe of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Socialist Party and the Green Party. I believe he should move to unite the Socialist Left in America and to form a 3rd Party. That would have a big Head Start. If he believes the President is doing as bad of a job as he claims.

If Dennis Kucinich truly believes that President Obama is doing as a bad a job as he’s claimed. Then he should try to replace him and explain how he believes the job can be done better. Just not with the Democratic Party but a party that better represents his values.


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