Senate Democrats eye $4T budget savings plan (AP)

Senate Democrats eye $4T budget savings plan (AP).

With the House GOP Leadership at least having a Budget Blueprint, as controversial as it might be. But at least they have a plan and with the President as of yet not putting a serious Budget Blueprint on the table. Its good that Senate Democrats led by Sen. Kent Conrad Chairman of the Budget Committee. Will be marking up which means writing their own Budget Blueprint that takes on the Federal Budget Deficit and Debt. So they can at least say that they have a plan, even though it will never pass the Republican House. But they would be able to say especially if they pass their plan out of the Budget Committee and later on the Senate Floor. Will be politically as well as credibly able to say that they now have a plan. That American Voters can consider in the 2012 General Elections. If Congress and the White House aren’t able to reach a Budget Agreement this year. And they settle on another Continuing Resolution, which is what they did to fund the Federal Government for 2011. If Senate Democrats can be united on a Budget Blueprint, which will be tough to get to. Assuming they don’t get any help from the Senate GOP Leadership and their members. And they can get the White House and the House Democratic Leadership behind their plan. Then they’ll be able to pass their Budget Blueprint out of the Senate. Because the Senate Minority can’t block budget related items that aren’t Appropriations from being voted on.

If they are successful in doing this, then they’ll be able to force the House to at least way in on their plan. Not vote on it but at least force them to speak on it. And the House GOP will no longer be able to say democrats don’t have a budget plan. Congress both the House and Senate are supposed to draft a Budget Blueprint anyway. This is required by the US Constitution. So this is something the House and Senate are supposed to do anyway. So the Democratic Congress in 2010 made a big mistake both politically as well as constitutionally. In not at least writing a Budget Blueprint, neither the House or Senate took up the Federal Budget in 2010. They didn’t even pass any Appropriations Bills, something else they are suppose to do. It also sent a message politically that democrats are Fiscally Irresponsible and don’t prioritize. Which is what a budget does.

Apparently the Senate Democratic Budget Blueprint will look like what the Deficit Commission came up with. In which they had a majority support it but not a Super Majority. Increase taxes on High Earners that will go to paying down the deficit. And close Tax Loopholes. I would go farther by ending Corporate Welfare, including Agriculture Welfare, as well as closing based oversees. So we are no longer defending Developed Nations that can afford to defend themselves oversees. But the Senate Democratic Budget Blueprint looks like a good start and I hope they pass it.


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