Job Creation Must Be Job One – HUMAN EVENTS

Job Creation Must Be Job One – HUMAN EVENTS.

I actually agree with Speaker Gingrich here, which might be reason for me to question my own judgement. But he’s right job one for America should be Job Creation. Perhaps we believe this for different reasons though, I believe we do. House Republicans were not elected to take control of the House of Representatives to push a conservative Social Agenda. Mostly written by the Christian Right. They were elected because the economy was bad, with both low Economic and Job Growth. The Unemployment Rate was 9.8% when on Election Day 2010. Its now 8.9% still too high and they were elected to address that and our massive Federal Budget Deficit and Debt. Not to pursue a Social Agenda that a majority of Americans disagree with and where the country is divided on. Especially when it has no chance of coming up for a vote in the Senate. Or passing the Senate. But to push a constructive Jobs Agenda that can pass and become law. As well as address the deficit and debt. So far they have been successful in addressing the deficit and debt. And have moved democrats including the White House in their direction. And scored some big Political Victory’s there but have get to do anything about creating jobs.

This week the House GOP has taken up an Anti Abortion bill that bars Tax Payer funding for abortion. There are several problems with that. For one Tax Payer funding for abortions is already illegal under the Hyde Amendment. So its trying to solve a problem thats not there. Kinda like trying to shoot a deer while aiming your gun at a squirrel. This bill would also bar people who receive Tax Payer funds for their Health Insurance. Even if they use their own money to pay for an abortion. Which I believe is a violation of Roe V Wade and is anti Pro Choice. This bill also prohibits the City of Washington from funding abortions. Which violates both States Righst and Local Control. Something conservatives used to say they were in favor. Which to me is just another indication of who runs the GOP. Not the Tea Party as with the 2010 Mid Terms might indicate. But the Christian Right still runs the GOP, a faction republicans can’t live without their support. They are tied together in a a Political Marriage. First it was cutting off Tax Payer funding for Planned Parenthood not abortion. And now they are definitely trying to eliminate abortion. To go so far as to get the IRS, an organization the GOP used to seriously dislike. To check to see how women are paying for their Health Care. A definition of Big Government to me.

Job One should be about creating jobs and Job Two should be about paying down our deficit and debt. Which is republicans were elected control of the House in November. And leave the Divisive Issues, if they want to continue to fight the Culture War for the Campaign Season.


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