Rep. McCarthy introducing national gun control legislation following Sen. Schumer’s lead (Daily Caller)

Rep. McCarthy introducing national gun control legislation following Sen. Schumer’s lead (Daily Caller).

I support the 2nd Amendment because I believe that people have the right to defend themselves. Especially with the limited resources of Law Enforcement and the fact that they can’t defend everyone at the same time. But I believe like every other amendment in the US Constitution, the 2nd Amendment is also prone to regulation. The 2nd Amendment to me is for innocent, Law Biding competent adults. Its not for minors, Mentally Challenged people, people who use guns to commit crimes. Or criminals but people who use guns to defend themselves and their family’s. Not attack innocent civilians or Law Enforcement and for sporting. We need some sort of Gun Control or Regulation, to prevent people who shouldn’t have guns. Because they don’t understand them or represent a threat to innocent people. Because whether you believe that guns kill people or people kill people. The fact is people have killed innocent people with guns.

What I would like to see if I could actually write a Gun Control bill. I believe is fairly simple, treat guns like other potentially dangerous devices. Like automobiles for example, that all gun users would have to be licensed and meet certain standards to obtain a license. That the Federal Government would set up a system but that the States would run their own Gun License system. Like they do for automobiles but that each States Gun License would have to meet basic National Standards. Gun Owners would have to be 21 or over, Mentally Competent, no Felony Record, perhaps American Citizenship. Three day waiting period to check for these things, have to renew their Gun License every few years. And that the Gun Licenses and these offices that would be created to enforce them. Would be subsidized by Gun Owners, so non Gun Owners wouldn’t be forced to subsidized Gun Owners.

Again I’m pro 2nd Amendment but I believe this amendment is for responsible adults. Not for everyone and should be regulated in a responsible way.


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