The End of a United Kingdom? | The Weekly Standard

The End of a United Kingdom? | The Weekly Standard.

As an american and clearly and outsider to British Politics, where it might not be my place to comment on British Affairs. Unless it effects America in some way. Like on Foreign, Economic or National Security Policy. Where the US and UK are both great countries and ally’s, have strong ties. But since we have Free Speech in America and I’m a Political Junky. Both domestically and internationally and to slap myself on the rear. A well versed Political Junky. I say why the hell not, if I wasn’t such a Political Junky. I wouldn’t have the knowledge to comment on Foreign Politics. Even on the United Kingdom where the US is very close and we pay attention to each others news. You might say isn’t following American Politics fascinating and complicated enough and I would say if asked, yes for the average person. Who just follows politics enough to keep up with what’s going on that directly affects them. And to be an informed voter. But I’m not the average voter, I want to know everything about politics, that I would find interesting. That I have the time to pay attention to. But enough about me.

There’s been a movement in Scotland which is essentially a Republic or Province of Britain. Even though the brits don’t use terms like Republic or Province very often. Even though its a country of 62M people and a democracy. Its very socialistic and very centralized. But thats essentially what Scotland is, like a State but without the same authority to govern its own Domestic Affairs. Like the State of Maryland in America or the Province of Ontario in Canada. Or the State of Baja in Mexico. And there’s been a movement in Scotland, largely because of this I believe. For Scottish Independence from the United Kingdom and London. Because I believe, again I’m an outsider here, so take it for you think its worth. Because a lot of scots see themselves as a separate ethnicity and nationality and culture from the english. With their own language and everything else that comes with being an ethnicity and they believe they can handle their own affairs. And don’t need London butting in. Britain is a great country and one of the reasons they are great. Is because of how diverse ethnically and racially they are. But something like 80% of brits are english. Whereas maybe 10% of Britain is scottish. Compared with America where the largest Ethnic Group, the germans represent around 20% of the population. Which is around 60M people but in a country of 310M people. And the scottish like the jews and kurds believe they can govern themselves.

So I have some solutions here for the United Kingdom especially for Scotland, again as an outsider. Why not do for Scotland what was done for Kurdistan in Iraq. Let them have their autonomy not independence. Let them be a real Republic in the United Kingdom. And let them have their own Executive, Legislative and Judicial. And let them run their own Domestic Affairs, like a real State or Province in another country. With London being able to set Minimal Standards for them. And give England, Wales, North Ireland and the UK Colony’s the same autonomy as well. And step back and see how they govern themselves.

If these reform were put in place, then I  believe there would be less of a threat of breakaway Republics from Britain in the future. Because these Republics would have enough to say in how they govern themselves. Just one man’s opinion from the outside. Take it for what you believe its worth.


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