Newt Gingrich candidacy a waste of time – National post-partisan |

Newt Gingrich candidacy a waste of time – National post-partisan |

“Newt Gingrich candidacy a waste of time”, not if your a Political Junky who loves politics. His candidacy might turn out to be waste of time for Speaker Gingrich though. Just by looking at where he stands in the polls right now. Somewhere around 1%, I think he and Sarah Palin are actually competing for that 1%. The difference being GOV Palin is not going to run for President, which is a Damn Shame for a lot of bloggers and comics. Saturday Night Live may have to redo its whole lineup for the 2011/12 season. But with Newt Gingrich and perhaps Michelle Bachman in the game. They will have other sources to turn to. But to speak in favor of Newt for a second, which could cause Newt’s popularity to plummet even further. He will be a true serious candidate, who’s campaign will be about substance and ideas, which his whole career has been about. Looking for solutions to problems, you might not like any of his ideas. But he will definitely offer voters a clear choice and direction in where he wants to take the country. Unlike Sarah Palin who’s whole presence has been about style and no substance. People who like and love Sarah Palin, like and love her personally. I like Sarah Palin personally, she’s very funny and attractive. But that doesn’t make you qualified to be President of the United States. Something else that Newt has going for him, is he’s a brilliant Political Strategist, as we saw with the Gingrich Revolution in 1994. Which would come in handy when, I don’t know running for President. Just to use as an example.

The strengths of Newt Gingrich, even though I’m a democrat, I believe he has several. Like I said he’s about ideas and he’s an very intelligent man who’s well depth in everything that the country is dealing with right now. He’s probably the only GOP Presidential Candidate who can make that claim right now. Everything from education, Foreign Policy, Energy Policy, Fiscal Policy, infrastructure, Homeland Security, trade, everything else as well. Also he would be the only candidate in the GOP Field that is trusted by the entire GOP Base. The Tea Party, Christian Right and Neo Conservatives all like or love him. He’s also the only the only GOP Candidate in Field that has experience at balancing the Federal Budget. He didn’t do that by himself but he was Speaker of the House back in 1998 when the Federal Government had a Balance Budget. For the first time in 30 years. And led the Congressional GOP in the negotiations with the Clinton White House. And the FEDS had two more Balance Budgets in 1999 and 2000. Which should play well now that we have a Federal Deficit of 1.6T$ and Debt of 14T$. Especially with the Tea Party.

The negatives of Newt Gingrich like Joe Biden, Newt has a tendency of saying exactly what he’s thinking and getting his boot stuck in his mouth. Saying exactly what your thinking I see as laudable. But it can hurt politicians when they say something that a lot of people disagree with. Even though Newt is a very charming man with a quick wit. He has a tendency to look mean and even grumpy or even immature. Like with the Air Force One situation back in late 1995, where he didn’t like sitting in the back and made a big thing about it. Things like that can be devastating to Independent Voters. Who some of them tend to be somewhat superficial. And are more interested in style and personality then substance. Newt is going t0 have to discipline himself and avoid making little mistakes like that. And have his campaign focused on his policy’s instead. Where he could score a lot of points.

As a democrat I’m glad that Newt Gingrich is running for President. I think an Obama/Gingrich Presidential Race would be fascinating as a Political Junky. And they would have great debates that are respectful. But where they disagree on practically everything.  It would be a much better race then the 2008 McCain/Obama race. Where John McCain was hoping it would be about Foreign Policy. When instead it was the”economy stupid” instead. And President Obama would have a much more qualified opponent in Newt Gingrich.


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