What the GOP can learn from Canada’s Conservatives | Michael Barone | Politics | Washington Examiner

What the GOP can learn from Canada’s Conservatives | Michael Barone | Politics | Washington Examiner.

Conservative Columnist Michael Barone, who I agree with as often as Osama Bin Laden and Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu shook hands. Sorry to the people who don’t follow Foreign Policy very closely. That was a Foreign Policy joke, but in this column I think Barone makes at least one point. I might even be willing to give him credit for two good points. But one good point is more then he had last week, so lets not stretch it. But his point about the Republican Party could learn from the Canadian Conservative Party, who had a big night on Election Night last week, it was either Tuesday or Wednesday, one of those days after Sunday. The problem is the GOP as of 2011 is not up to the task of learning this lesson. They are very different parties. The Conservative Party would be like the Democratic Party in America. They are a Liberal Party by American Standards . But they are conservative by Canadian Standards and thats all they have to be. The Conservative Part is very liberal on Social Issues, something I love about canadians as a liberal myself. There’s no such thing as a Christian Right or Religious Right in the Conservative Party. Unlike with the GOP and the Conservative Party even has socialistic leanings on Economic Policy. Like on Health Care and Education, where the Federal Government up there runs the Health Care system and the University System. Conservative Canadians support that. Something that liberals and conservatives in America don’t support. Politically both great countries have a lot in common but are also very different. Which might sound like a contradiction, but its true.

The Republican Party before the Christian Right emerged in the mid and lat 1970s, was essentially a Conservative Libertarian Party. Government out of our wallets and bedrooms. Believers in strong defense but limited, that was based on our National Security, not Nation Building. They were Anti Socialistic and Authoritarian, whereas the GOP of today. Is still Anti Socialistic but with the emergence of the of the Christian Right and Neo Conservative Factions. They now have two very strong Authoritarian Factions in the party. So what the GOP could learn from the Conservative Party that won all over Canada last week. That to be True Believers in Limited Government, that yes you need a strong Economic Freedom message, which they have. But you need to have a strong Civil Liberty message as well. And be at least tolerant or moderate on Social Issues. And to hell with the Christian Right and Neo Right. Let them get their own party and replace them with Economic Conservative Civil Libertarian independents. And expand your base, where you would be able to compete anywhere in America. And no longer have to ignore California during the Presidential Election.

The only thing that the Conservative Party and Republican Party have in common. Is that they are both conservative but by different standards. For the GOP to get anything out of the Canadian General Election,s their going to have to moderate their positions on Social Issues. And grow a bigger tent and welcome more voters.


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