McCain: Third Party Will Rise if Gov’t Doesn’t Listen to America

Sen. McCain says he\’ll reluctantly support Obama\’s tax cut compromise, but predicts that if Congress continues with its fiscal irresponsibility, Americans will

via McCain: Third Party Will Rise if Gov’t Doesn’t Listen to America.

I think Sen. John McCain is right, I believe a Third Party will emerge in America Politics. I think we have room or four or five parties. Remember 40% of American Voters are either independent or a member of a Third Party. Democrats and Republicans represent something like 30% each. The fact is both major parties are really made up of multiple parties each.

The democrats have three factions, liberals such as myself, centrists and socialists. With liberals representing the overwhelming faction of the party and the leadership. Just look at the White House, Senate and House, as well as the RNC. Democratic Governors tend to be liberal as well. The four Democratic Justices on the Supreme Court are all liberal. Centrist Democrats tend to be liberal on Social Issues but more open to conservative ideas on Fiscal and Foreign Policy. They are a small but vocal faction in the party. Socialists in this case Democratic Socialists, probably represent a larger faction then centrists. And most of their power is in the House of Representatives where they have an over forty strong caucus in the House. They tend to be in the House, because they tend to be too far to the left to get elected Statewide. Sen. Bernie Sanders being the exception.

The Republican Party has at least three if not four factions in it. Conservative Libertarians the Tea Party folks, who hopefully for the GOP and the Libertarian Movement. Aren’t linked with the Christian Right. And then there’s the Christian Right who runs the GOP. Business Republicans who tend to be somewhat moderate or neutral on Social Issues. Then there’s the Neo Conservatives who tend to be authoritarian especially on National Security. And then there might be one or two centrists left in the GOP as well. The GOP tends to do very well when they elect business oriented republicans, who aren’t interested in fighting the Culture War. Who have a Real World view on Foreign Policy. The Mitt Romney and Meg Whitman’s of the World.

What I’m getting at in case anyone was wondering, is that there’s room for more then just two major Political Parties in America. And in a Liberal Democracy of 310M people, we should have more then two major parties. I’m not saying that we should move to a Parliamentary System. I like our Presidential Congressional System. But what I’m saying is that one reason why there’s so much distrust in the major parties. Is because they have to speak to so many different factions . And its a little hard to gage where these parties stand. If these parties were broken up a little bit, like the socialists in the Democratic Party breaking away. And forming along with the Green Party and Democratic Socialist Party. A United Socialist Party, then that movement would now have its own voice. And not be so outnumbered in the Democratic Party. And if the Christian Right and Neo Right broke away from the GOP, to form an Authoritarian Party. Then they would have their own voice as well. And the GOP could get back to its Conservative Libertarian roots and bring in more independents.

America is huge, there’s room for a Liberal Democrat Party, a Conservative Republican Party. A Libertarian Party, a Socialist Party and an Authoritarian or Theocratic Party. American Voters want more choices and are tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. This would be one way to give them more choice.


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