The Washington Examiner: Opinion- Philip Klein-Fixing the “Free Rider” Problem is Not The Purpose of The Individual Mandate

Source: The Washington Examiner: Opinion- Philip Klein-Fixing the “Free Rider” Problem is Not The Purpose of The Individual Mandate 

I supported the Affordable Care Act of 2010 because of the Patient Protections, the Tax Credit to help Working Class americans purchase Health Insurance as well as Small Business. And the Health Insurance Mandate, meaning that if you consume Health Care in America. Good luck finding someone who doesn’t, that you should pay something for it. And if you can’t afford Health Insurance, then you get Public Assistance. In the form or a Tax Credit, Medicaid or Medicare. Depending on your eligibility or get on your employers Health Insurance plan and get assistance paying for that as well. One of the reasons why our Health Care System in America is so expensive. 16-18% of GDP depending on what study you look at. Is because we have a lot of people getting Health Care and not paying for it. A lot of times at the Emergency Room, whether its an emergency or not. With the Health Insurance Mandate, that would be put to an end. We will be able to bring down our Health Care costs, because everyone will be contributing to it. And no longer passing their costs on to other people. Who are responsible enough to pay for their Health Insurance.

Some people say especially conservatives and libertarians, to some degree I respect as a liberal. Especially libertarians, that the Health Insurance Mandate is unconstitutional because it forces people to buy something with their own money. What they fail to realize or acknowledge is that without the mandate or something that does the same thing. We are forcing people to by something with their own money whether its unintentional or not. We are forcing people to pay for something without a mandate, other peoples Health Care. Because they decided not pay for there’s. By not being insured and getting their Health Care through the ER. But with the mandate, everyone contributes to paying for the Health Care that they consume. Thats all its about, its actually a conservative idea. Pay as you go, putting money down on services you consume.

Generally speaking I’m not a fan of telling people what to do with their own money. As a liberal who believes in Individual Liberty as liberals do. People need to make their own decisions on what to do with their own money. They earned that right by creating their wealth. But at the same time I don’t believe people have the right to force others to pay for their services. If they can afford to pay for them themselves. And thats what the Health Insurance Mandate seeks to end.


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