Gregory Kane: Remembering the Freedom Riders as they deserve

Gregory Kane: Remembering the Freedom Riders as they deserve

Tonight at 9PM EST on PBS, American Experience will air a special documentary. About the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Riders. About some young men both African American and Caucasian American who rode together to fight for freedom. For all americans, so that all americans can enjoy their Constitutional Rights, not just a select few. But everyone, what they did was a an example of what Public Service is all about, to work to make their country even better. So that all americans can enjoy this great country, again not just a select few. Shows like this are why I love Public Broadcasting, and the History Channel, Nat Geo, Discovery ID. And all the channels that are dedicated to making Documentary Film. This is what the definition of Reality TV is, because its about what actually happened. Not about Celebrity TV and trying to come up with different situations, to see how people react to them. And without these networks, and HBO to a certain extent. I saw a great bio about Vince Lomabrdi last week a hero of mine. But without these networks, it would be hard to find quality Educational Programming like this. You would have to get it in DVD or watch it on your computer.

The Freedom Riders or as I prefer to call them Freedom Fighters are exactly that. They believed and I believe correctly so, that the cause that they were fighting for and even dying for. The cause of freedom for all, not just the privileged few. Was so great that they were willing to give up their lives to accomplish it. So others in the future would have it better then they do now. The Civil Rights War was exactly, it was a bunch of battles. Without people risking their Physical Health and even lives. Which a lot of them gave up, the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Fair Housing Law of 1968. Never passes, because unfortunately in America it takes innocent people being beat up and even killed in the streets. To get the word out of the importance of the cause. And get the National Media to focus on it.

So I’ll be watching American Experience tonight on PBS and see exactly what these Freedom Fighters went through. And I hope a lot of others do as well and will be watching quality Reality TV.


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