How America can benefit from Michelle Bachman, no seriously: Baltimore

To be completely honest, I don’t think that Michelle Bachman and I have a damn bit of anything in common. Except perhaps being born in the same country, wait should we check on Rep. Bachman’s Birth Certificate. Since she’s considering running for President, do we need to launch a team of Birther Investigators. Perhaps we should consult with Barack Obama of all people. He might know an investigative team that specializes in that field. You know what he might just know a firm that he could recommend to handle such an investigation. There just might the people who have that much time on their hands to waste. That can raise the kinda capitol to run such an investigation. But to serious for a second or as serious as I can be and then go back to being the jackass that only I can be. Myself and Rep. Bachman have as little in common as water and fire, perhaps less. Or New Hampshire an Florida, I’m a liberal and she’s so far to the right, you probably couldn’t see here with a telescope and a brand new expensive one, that yes even works well. From where I stand on the Political Spectrum. But that doesn’t make her useless or completely useless in both of my eyes.

So what are the plus’s of Michele Bachman, which shouldn’t take long perhaps just a handful and not even needing the whole hand. She’s a very attractive physically, she looks like a sweetheart. And if her looks weren’t deceiving, she would be one of the sweetest people alive. She’s very funny whether its intentional or not, I’m guessing a combination of both. Which makes for great material for Talk Show hosts, just watch MSNBC once in a while. Comics and yes even bloggers, because she has a tendency to speak on subjects, well to be nice that she’s not fully knowledgeable of. She’s clearly not a Constitutional Lawyer and less she’s speaking about a proposed Constitution that she personally wrote. That was for the 15th Century. And as much as the Far Right base in the GOP may love her. I think they may, just may I’m not a Mind Reader in case anyone was wondering and if your wondering that I feel sorry for you. But I think they may be looking for a Presidential Candidate that can win a State outside of the Bible Belt in the General Election. And these are Michelle Bachman’s plus’s.

I would go through month’s worth of Grocery Lists of minus’s about Michelle Bachamn as a Presidential Candidate. But with the limited time I have, I’ll spare you. But ironically I think I mentioned some of them in her plus’s. How America can benefit from Michelle Bachamn, is they’ll see a very entertaining Presidential Candidate that will consistently make them laugh. And with all the problems that America faces, thats not a bad thing.


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