Trade Adjustment Assistance: Creating jobs for people who lose them in Free Trade : The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation.

I’m all for Free Trade agreements with other countries as long as America benefits as much from them as our partners. At least on paper that the contracts are fair. Its Free Trade, so that only the future will tell what benefits are from it. You can’t force them to be great deals. But what you can do is get the best agreement on them as possible and its really up to the market to determine the rest. And the partners in the agreement to enforce their end of the deal. America is a huge country both physically as well as population, thats between two huge oceans. We have the third largest population in the World of 310M people. But in a World of over 6B people, so we represent 5% of the total population in the World. Meaning that we have to compete with other countries especially other large countries in the World that trade with each other as well. So we can sell as many of our products that we make in our country as possible. To make as much money and create as many jobs as possible. This is something we’ve historically done a very good job at with our high Living Standards and our Education System. Two things that have fallen lately that we need to improve. To continue to compete with the World.

My idea of a great Free Trade agreement is fairly simple. Maximum Access between each other’s markets. Low Tariffs if any but at the same rate. As well as the same Market Access between both partners. Since we are talking about Free Trade here, the fact is jobs will be created and lost as a result. Thats what happens in competition, there’s no guarantee of success or failure. What makes this problem worst is that people lsoe jobs that are either headed oversees and not coming back. Meaning that position were eliminated in their country. So what we should do is have Trade Adjustment Assistance or TAA and no thats not an airline. That would allow people who are unemployed and well educated. To go back to school and get additional skills while they are collecting Unemployment Insurance. So they can get another job.

Free Trade when it works is great but its not perfect. And we need some type of an Insurance System for people who lose their jobs as a result. So they can go back to work.


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