Michele Bachman is as close to Margaret Thatcher as George McGovern is as close to Ronald Reagan

Illinois Review: Morris: Bachmann could be an “American Margaret Thatcher”.

I would really like to know what Little Dick Morris has been smoking or drinking lately. Or what hookers he’s been seeing lately. To get an idea of how in the World he could compare Michele Bachman with Margaret Thatcher. The only thing these ladies have in common is, well they are clearly both women. Goes without saying and they are conservative. But thats where it ends, comparing what passes as a conservative today in Christian Conservative/ Neo Conservative Republican Party. And what British Conservatives were in the Maggie Thatcher era. Is like comparing a horse with a shark, what do they have in common, other then being Living Creatures. The British Conservative Party actually more resembles more the American Democratic Party. Then the American Republican Party. Both parties are liberal on Foreign Policy and Social Issues. The Conservative Party today anyway is farther to the left on Fiscal Policy then the Democratic Party. Margaret Thatcher wasn’t a Religious Conservative or a Neo Conservative. I would describe her as a Conservative Libertarian. She didn’t try to dismantle the British Welfare State but wasn’t interested in expanding it either. Michele Bachman is a favorite of the Tea Party Movement, who are Economic Libertarians. But Rep. Bachman is also a favorite of Social Conservatives. These two ladies don’t have much if anything in common.

The Republican Party today more resembles the Conservative Party of Turkey or Israel or perhaps Italy. Rather then in Canada, Britain, France, or Germany. Believers in democracy yes, but in a conservative form of it. As much as they preach against Big Government, a large part of the party. On the Christian Right and Neo Right believes in a form of Big Government. Not socialist but an authoritarian form of Big Government. Where Constitutional Rights can be suspended if the Executive Branch feels its necessary. This is not Maggie Thatcher’s brand of conservatism but Michelle Bachman’s. What is Dick Morris thinking, perhaps selling another book or to gain support for Michelle Bachman.


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