If your a True Believer in Limited Government and True Disbeliever in Big Government, then Gay Marriage isn’t a problem

53% majority now supports gay marriage – National post-partisan | Examiner.com.

Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Vote and Freedom of Religion are all well respected Constitutional Rights in America. That are well respected by the left and the right. The Equal Protection Clause is also part of the US Constitution and at risk of sounding partisan as a liberal. The EPC has more respect on the left, I believe thats just a fact. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 60s showed that. And todays Civil Rights battles involving Muslims, Homosexuals and Immigrants are more evidence of that. These three Fundamental Freedoms are so important and shouldn’t be messed with. People have the right to say just about anything but they don’t have the right to try to force people to agree with them. Or deny others their Constitutional Rights because they don’t like them. People have the Freedom of Religion and express it freely. But they don’t have the right to force their Religious Views on the rest of the country and force them into law. Americans of course have the Freedom to Vote. But they don’t have the right to deny others their Constitutional Rights through voting. Laws that are passed by the Ballot Access are thrown out because they violate the US Constitution.

I’m fine with passing laws by the Ballot Access as long as they don’t violate the Constitutional Rights of others. Because they don’t like them and I’m talking about anti Gay Marriage Laws like the one in California last year. Which denies homosexuals the right to marry each other just because they are gay. Supporters of these laws argue that throwing these laws out in court violates the will of the people or their right to vote. What they fail to mention and perhaps understand, is that the laws they are voting for are denying the rights of others. They are attempting to deny people from doing something that doesn’t affect them and quite frankly is none of their damn business. Voters don’t have a Constitutional Right to pass Unconstitutional Laws. Which is why these laws get thrown out of court.


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