Baltimore Examiner: Opinion- Maryann Tobin- What Does The Republican Tea Party Want to Hide From America?

Baltimore Examiner: Opinion- Maryann Tobin- What Does The Republican Tea Party Want to Hide From America?

The Tea Party I believed has benefited the country by focusing our attention, as well as Congress and the Administration’s attention on the economy, deficit and debt. Because these are three big problems that we have to deal with. The Tea Party has benefited the Republican Party by energizing its base and fundraising in 2009-10, not so great so far in 2011 though. Assuming for a second and this hasn’t been proven correct. Even though as an american I hope it is. That the Tea Party is part is today’s version of the Conservative Libertarian Movement. That was originally started by Barry Goldwater and others in the mid and late 1960s.

And they are truly a Limited or Small Government Movement. And not part of the Christian Right in wanting to form some authoritarian Big Government not socialist. But I have my doubts, then the Tea Party in the long-term if it grows. Will benefit the GOP in the long-term, because they will get back their Limited Government roots. Instead of the GOP of today that dominated by the Christian Right and Neo Conservatives. Then this will benefit the GOP long-term as well, because American Voters generally like Limited Government and Low Taxes. And also tend to be liberal-libertarian on Social Issues as well. Then they’ll turn out to be a major plus for the GOP long-term as well.

But what the Tea Party and House GOP is learning is, that Campaigning for Office and Governing in Office are two different things. What you say your going to do while running for the job. Is a lot different from doing the job once you get in. As well as the fact that there’s another party in Congress who runs the Senate that they have to deal with as well, in the democrats. Who clearly have a different approach in how to govern from the other end of the Political Spectrum. What may sound like the greatest invention since electricity with their Medicare plan to them. My sound as bad as a Life Sentence in prison to everyone else. Which is why the House GOP Leadership dropped the Ryan Budget plan.

And Congressional Democrats are going to make whipping boys and girls out of them as a result. Thats already began and the Senate GOP is up next as Senate Leader Harry Reid will force them to vote on it on Monday. The Tea Party has been a big benefit to the country by focusing us on the economy, debt and deficit. As well as the GOP by electing 62 new Representatives. But has put the House GOP Leadership that has to govern at the end of the day in a tough spot. Forcing them to make tough decisions, that they might agree with but the rest of the country doesn’t like. And could be a huge problem for them in the 2012 General Elections.


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