Daniels fallout: A weak GOP Presidential Field just got weaker

Daniels fallout: How will Mitch decision affect GOP race? | Byron York | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner.

Mitch Daniels represents someone that the Republican Party needs in order to win the Presidency. With clear conservative credentials especially on economics. But someone who’s a Social Conservative but not interested in opposing his views on America. Where we tend to be liberal on Social Issues. He’s someone that could both win the Bible Belt, that republicans have to win overwhelmingly to be elected President. But someone who could also win Swing States, like Indiana where he’s Governor, Missouri, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida. Perhaps even Wisconsin and Minnesota and Iowa. His Presidential Candidacy if he were to win the GOP Nomination, would put the States in play as well as holding the Republican Base. That would get him elected President. GOV Daniels is a successful two term GOV on Indiana, major good sized State. He has Executive Experience both at the State Level and in Washington as President W Bush’s Director of OMB. As well as working for President Reagan in the 1980s and has considerable Private Sector experience as well. At 55 with all of his other credentials, he’s a definite candidate for the Vice Presidency.

Why is GOV Mitch Daniels not running for President, a man as a liberal I like and respect. Because he substantial in substance and is very bright, we also share a similar Sense of Humor. Which is a major plus in my book, despite this I still wouldn’t ever vote for him as President. I believe he’s not running because of a statement I believe back in February. Where he essentially said that republicans should stop fighting the Culture War, focus on Economic Issues and try to unite the country. The GOP Christian Right Base sees that statement as evil, that only a traitor would say that. They want the whole campaign to be about Social Issues. With a candidate with solid Conservative Credentials on both Economic and Foreign Policy. And because of this GOV Daniels is buried in the GOP Polls because he’s not interested in fighting the Culture War at least from the National Level.

The GOP lost a Presidential Candidate today that could actually beat President Obama in the General Election. Because of the Culture War. The GOP is lacking depth in their Presidential Field and now they have less of it.


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