In an era of Deficit Reduction 1/5 of the Federal Budget is still off the Table

Congress Slogging Through 150 Amendments to Defense-Spending Package – HUMAN EVENTS.

In era of Deficit Reduction with a Budget Deficit of 1.6T$ and a National Debt that matches our Gross National Product. Where we’ve borrowed roughly 3T$ to fight the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And where the Defense Budget represents roughly 20% of our Federal Budget. As well as 20% of our National Debt. The House of Representatives today decided that the Defense Budget should be off the table in Deficit Reduction. Even though we spend in the hundreds of billions of dollars defending Developed Nations around the World that can afford to defend themselves. We’ll never be able to get our deficit and debt under control, let alone balance our budget. Without looking at the Defense Budget and making overall savings there. Especially when we spend hundreds of billions of dollars that these Developed Nations could and should spend defending themselves.

Part of Fiscal Responsibility is spending what you can afford and should. And when your drowning in Red Ink, you have to look at your whole budget not just 14% of it. Especially when your spending money defending people that can afford to defend themselves. Spending that money is not money that we can afford right now with our deficit and debt. And is not money we should be spending, especially when the countries can afford to spend this money on their own.


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