Debt Ceiling represents an opportunity for Progressives if the play it right

AP – The GOP-led House is poised to reject a bill Tuesday to increase the nation\’s debt limit without the big spending cuts that Republicans are demanding. The

via House to reject debt limit increase without cuts (AP).

As the House will hold some ceremonial votes this week on the Debt Ceiling, that they know will fail and are purely designed to make it clear to the Senate and White House. That they don’t have the votes to pass a clean Debt Ceiling. Meaning a Debt Ceiling increase with out any Budget Cuts in it. And with the White House and Progressive Democrats in Congress calling for a clean Debt Ceiling increase. Democrats to me anyway have a Golden Opportunity here, if they just look at the cards that they are holding and play them right. To me they should just say, fine House GOP you want more Budget Cuts in exchange for an Debt Ceiling increase. We’ll give them to you but this is what our vision of Deficit Reduction looks like. And lay them out, Congressional Democrats have been calling for eliminating subsidy’s for Big Oil. Include them, thats around 20B$. Secretary of Defense Bob Gates has been calling for eliminating 70B$ in Defense Cuts. Things he says we can no longer afford to spend on and need. Include those as well, as well as eliminating all Corporate Welfare in general.

Democrats have been on defensive and have lost most of the battles on Deficit Reduction in 2011. With only Medicare being the one that they’ve won. Even though they control the White House and Senate, because they haven’t engaged in the debate and offered alternatives. And have had to settle for lot of what the House GOP wants to do. Because they’ve had the only offer on the table. If they don’t get into this debate in a real way, instead of just saying no. To whatever the House GOP is offering, they’ll end settling for more Budget Cuts that they don’t want. Because they won’t have a Counter Proposal that they could give the House GOP. And to use as a basis of compromise.


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