The Premier of British Columbia is right Canada should have an Elected Senate

B.C. premier supports bill to elect senators – CTV News.

The Premier of British Columbia is right, Canada should have an Elected Federal Senate. Hey wait, except for Federal and the comma, thats the title of this blog. And thats your Obvious Fact of the day. Canada is too great, too important, too advance, too progressive, too liberal of a country. Not to have their Upper Chamber of Parliament not be completely elected. Canada is essentially a Liberal Democracy like America. Except for a few differences on Economic Policy, where they tend to be more socialist them America. Not to have an Elected Senate, the Canadian People should get to decided who represents them in Parliament. In both the House and Senate, thats how Liberal Democracy’s work the people have the power that they lend to their government. That can be taken away in any General Election.

If Canada is going to have a Senate then it should be democratic and real with real authority. And be an equal Chamber if not Upper Chamber in Parliament in relation with the House of Commons. Otherwise there’s no point in having a Senate in Canada.


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