Human Events: Opinion- Patrick J. Buchanan- Classical Conservatism Has Returned on Foreign Policy

Human Events: Opinion- Patrick J. Buchanan- Classical Conservatism Has Returned on Foreign Policy.

The Conservative Movement when it was about Conservative Libertarianism and truly anti Big Government. From the 1920s through the 1980s, before Big Government conservatives took over the Republican Party in the 1990s. Christian and Neo Conservative Authoritarians. Was about protecting freedom at home and working with our ally’s to protect freedom abroad. It wasn’t about invading other countries to impose Liberal Democracy on them. IE Iraq in 2003 and occupying them basically on our own.

As well as protecting freedom at home before the Patriot Act of 2001, where now the Federal Government can now look to see what innocent americans are reading and who we are talking to. This is an example of Big Government conservatism, authoritarianism. The Conservative Movement used to have Libertarian Roots in it and not just on Economic Policy but also when it came to Civil Liberties as well. And if the GOP ever gets back to this form of conservatism, they’ll become a party that can compete across the country and win and not just in the Bible Belt. But will be able to compete and beat democrats when it comes to the votes of Ethnic and Racial Minorities as well.

We are starting to see signs of the Republican Party returning to its Conservative Libertarian roots. Like on things like the Patriot Act. And now with the No Fly Zone in Libya and calling for a Congressional Resolution on it. As well as calling for a timetable for Troop Withdraw in Afghanistan. Hopefully some of their Presidential Candidates and not just Rep. Ron Paul as well as some of their Tea Party members will do the same thing. If this were to happen then the GOP will once again become a National Party. That could become a Majority Ruling Party and force the Democratic Party to compete across the country. Which would be good for democrats and the country as a whole. More competition in politics is always a good thing.


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