What Leon Panetta should do as Secretary of Defense

Morning Bell: Ten Questions for Leon Panetta | The Foundry.

One of the things I respect about Secretary of Defense Bob Gates is that he’s not a Neo Conservative. He’s really not a Political Ideologue at all, at least when it comes to National Security. Which is one of the reasons why he’s been such a successful Secretary of Defense. Except for being a Classical Conservative realist Conservative Internationalist. And Old School republican on Foreign Policy, in the mold of Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerry Ford, Ron Reagan and others. And understood the fact that the Defense Department is also part of the Federal Government and doesn’t have unlimited funds. And has to be smart and frugal with Tax Payer funds that it receives and that it has Limited Resources in what that it can do. And Secretary Gates clearly understands that the Pentagon is limited in what it can do. And has even suggested the Pentagon trim 70B$ from its budget. I think we should go farther in cutting the Defense Budget. But 70B$ is a good start.

Leon Panetta the current Director of the CIA and who will probably be our next Secretary of Defense after Secretary Gates retires. Has suggested that we cut our Defense Budget in the past and will probably move in that direction as Secretary. I believe Mr Panetta should go farther then Secretary Gates in the range of 200B$ in Defense Budget cuts. Not cut the Defense Budget just to cut it because we spend so much more on defense then anyone else. That the Far Left has suggested, but cut things that we shouldn’t and can’t afford any longer to spend money on. Like defending Developed Nations oversees that have the Financial Resources to defend themselves. Like in Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea. Especially since we have a Budget Deficit of 1.6T$ and a National Debt of 14T$.

Budgets are about priorities thats why they are there. In a World of Limited Resources we can only spend money on things that we need and can only spend the money that we can afford to spend. The Defense Budget is an example of this just like every other budget in the Federal Government.


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