Its not a Slam Dunk the President will be Reelected yet

via Obama Has No Idea How Vulnerable He Is.

The easiest way for a President to get reelected is with a strong economy. Take Bill Clinton in 1996, Ron Reagan in 1984, Lyndon Johnson in 1964, Dwight Eisenhower in 1956. When the economy is strong, Presidents tend to get reelected easily and win landslides at least electorally. As all these Presidents did. The easiest way for a President to lose reelection, is with a weak economy. Take George HW Bush in 1992, Jimmy Carter in 1980, Herbert Hoover in 1932. And they tend to lose reelection in landslides as well at least electorally. As all of those Presidents did. Even though we are seventeen months away from our next Presidential Reelection and the economy has time to turn around. President Obama is currently presiding over a weak economy. 9.1% Unemployment Rate, Economic Growth under 2%, this is not where the President wants to be going into a Presidential Election or even close to it. The weaker economy the worse chance the President has of getting reelected. The stronger the best shot he has of reelection.

So with the economy as weak as it is, its surprising to me that President Obama who I voted for in 2008. Is not pushing harder for legislation to create Economic and Job Growth. Which is of course in the country’s best interest to have so we can have a stronger economy. But of course also in the President’s best interest as well to get reelected. And why he’s not pushing hard to get legislation through Congress or at least pushing the Democratic Senate to push Jobs Bills through the Senate to at least get them debated. And instead is still in Campaign Mode from 2008 when he should be in full Governing Mode after being President for now eighteen months. The House GOP has nothing other the complain about the deficit and pass legislation that doesn’t address the problem. While the Senate has been stuck in Special Order speech mode and not debating anything.

Even with the fact that the Republican Party has yet to produce a Presidential Candidate that can both win the GOP Nomination for President and the Presidential Election. And President Obama will look very mainstream against anyone the GOP produces. “Its the Economy Stupid” that will keep the President from being reelected in spite all of that. If it remains weak, because its generally the economy that determines whether Presidents get reelected or not. Not the Presidents opponents.


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