Liberty Pen: John Stossel- New Threats to Freedom


What's going on in the Republican Party, I believe is healthy for them in the long run. Because it gives them an opportunity to figure out what type of Political Party. They are going to be, are they going to continue down the road of. Religious and Neoconservatism and preach the message of. Economic and Religious Liberty for Christians. But with a tough National Security Policy abroad and at home. That has a vision of America promoting Democracy around the World. While limiting Social Liberty at home, which is what you get from Religious and Neoconservatives. Or are they going to get back to their roots of Reagan/Goldwater. And get back to being the Classical Conservative Party they use to be. Which is how they won three straight Presidential Elections from 1980-92 and held the Senate from 1981-87.

This debate the GOP is having right now between Neoconservatives from the Heritage Foundation and others. And between the Ron Paul Libertarian Movement. Which is a step away from Classical Conservatism. Like with the War on Drugs and other issues. Is a good debate for them to have and will benefit the GOP long-term. But will probably cost them the 2008 Presidential Election. Especially if Mitt Romney is the Presidential Nominee. And Ron Paul finishes a competitive 2nd. Because Rep. Paul probably won't endorse GOV. Romney and might even run for President as a Libertarian or Libertarian Independent. Reagan Conservatism is how the GOP got back in power and kept it. Bush Neoconservatism is how they lost their power.

As a Liberal Democrat and as an american I'm glad the Republican Party is having this debate right now. Because it means the GOP will be divided in the fall. And Mitt Romney will be their Presidential Nominee. Making them a lot easier to beat, had they nominated a Reagan Conservative. Who was also likable and funny like Ron Reagan. But as an american its good they are having this debate. Because I don't want to see America become a One Party State. Even if that Party is the Democratic Party. Because that's not healthy for any Liberal Democracy. Because it limits Freedom of Choice.


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