“President Obama Makes Case for Shrinking Government”: Limiting the Federal Government

via President Obama Makes Case for Shrinking Government (ContributorNetwork).

I like the idea of Consolidating Federal Departments as long as its done in an intelligent way. To Reform the Federal Government to make it run better. Which is a much better way to cut debt and deficit. Then just to slash things at random or have a 10% Across The Board Budget Cut. Whether the Federal Agency’s and Programs are working or not. And whether we should be spending that amount on those things or not. The Federal Government right now has a Department of Treasury, Commerce and Labor. We clearly need Treasury Department with the Federal Currency. And someone to look over the Federal Reserve. Manage the debt and deficit and so fourth. The question is do we need both a Commerce and Labor Department. That does similar things as both Treasury and Human Services. Or could Commerce be consolidated into Treasury. And could Labor be consolidated into Human Services. I would argue they could and should be.

The Federal Government also has a Department of Education. Even though USED does not Supervise the Public or Private Education Systems in America. Nor should it as far as I’m concern. Its mostly their for research, Funding Support and some Federal Regulations. As well as Unfunded Mandates and especially with the Unfunded Mandates. You could argue that USED does at least as much harm as good. With the Education System in America. Especially considering where we were ranked in the World in Education pre 1979. Before USED and where we’ve been ranked in Education since after USED was created. I would argue that we could consolidate USED into Human Services. Eliminate a lot of what USED does and establish a National Director of Education Policy. In the White House that would serve as the Presidents Advisor for Education

We also have both a Department of Interior Energy and Agriculture again they do similar things. Lets consolidate them into a US Department of Natural Resources. Along with turning the Federal Safety Net over to the States. To be converted into Semi Private Non Profit Community Services. Including Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Public Housing, Medicare, Medicaid and the rest. And we could save about 2T$ a year or more alone. And thats before we get to the Defense Department. Where we could save I believe 200B$ a year or more. By ending the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And bringing our troops home from Developed Nations. Like in Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea.

I believe what President Obama is doing is looking to reform the Federal Government. In a way that makes it for Customer Friendly, less intrusive and more Cost Effective. That benefits both business and individuals. I would just go a lot farther then the President. But I like what he’s trying to do.


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