“Mississippi Pardons Spur Changes in Trusty Program”: GOP Soft on Crime?


Former Governor of Mississippi

Mississippi pardons spur changes in trusty program – USATODAY.com.

From late 1960s alway up to the mid 1990s. The Democratic Party especially in the Northeast and in California. Were hit with the stereotype from Republicans. As being “Soft on Crime”, especially Violent Offenders. Willing to look the other way when it came to Violent Crimes. Not willing to do what was necessary to protect society. Willing to parole and give probation instead of Prison Time. To Dangerous Offenders, willing to look the other way. Even when Violent Inmates commit Violent Crimes and other Felony’s in Prison. Not willing to lock them up in segregation. And its a major reason why the Democratic Party. Lost 5-6 Presidential Elections from 1968-88. President Clinton with the 1994 Crime bill, with the Three Strikes Law. For Violent Offenders, went a long way to end that negative Stereotype.

I’m all for 2nd Chances for people who pay their Debts to Society. I’m even for allowing Convicted Murders the opportunity to turn their lives around in Prison. I believe most good people are. So they can have a productive Life Sentence in Prison. Going to school, having a Full Time Paying Job. Reaching to the community and helping At Risk Youth. Just as long as they do these things in Prison and stay there. I’m all for Pardoning people who are later to be found innocent. But I’m not Pardoning or Paroling Convicted Murderers who are clearly guilty. Of their crimes as these Mississippi Convicted Murderers clearly are. No one is arguing that they aren’t.

What GOV. Haley Barbour has done in Mississippi. Pardoning these Convicted Murderers who are guilty. Cries out for changing the Pardon Law in Mississippi. Letting the Governor keep that power. But establishing a Review Board and only allowing the Governor. To Pardon Prison Inmates that aren’t clearly innocent. Not allowing the Governor to Pardon anyone who’s guilty. To keep Dangerous Offenders off the streets. At least until they’ve paid their Debt to Society.


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