“Maryland Struggles to Cash in on Gambling”: Time for the Free State to live up to that

Maryland struggles to cash in on gambling – Washington Times.

Maryland is a great beautiful State with a lot of great advantages. I’m a Native Marylander and still live here. We aren’t small but we aren’t too big in the sense. That you would feel overcrowded. Except for maybe the Washington Traffic in the Maryland Suburbs. When it takes you an hour to go a mile sometimes. We have high Living Standards and Quality of Life with the best Public Education System is in America. One of the reasons why we are such an expensive State to live in. Because we have one of the highest Per Capita Incomes in America. If not the highest, we have short Winters where we get a taste of Winter Weather. And long Hot Humid Summers, that would be too much Summer. For a lot of people but perfect for me. We are in driving distance of both the beach, Ocean City, MD nice place for that. Or skying up in Western Maryland. As well as now Legalize Gambling in Maryland as well. We have a lot of advantages.

One of the areas we are not so good at, is living up to our own State Nickname. We are actually called the Free State, which is what I call my blog. Because I’m a Native Marylander and it fits my Liberal Politics. But we don’t do as good of a job as we could. Living up to that. We just recently Legalize Organize Gambling in Maryland back in 2008. We are a little slow in developing our casinos though. As a result, I believe we only have three. Or something like that, in a State of 6M people. Same Sex Marriage is still illegal, Marijuana is still illegal. Same Sex Marriage has a shot in 2012. Marijuana, well lets see what happens in Colorado this year and in other States. We are also a very highly taxed State as a result. One of the reasons being our Gaming Industry hasn’t taken off.

I’m not a huge fan of gambling, I would bet small if any. And cash in every time I were to make a good profit. Mostly amongst friends, I would never do it to make a living. But I believe its stupid to arrest people for gambling their own money. This is an area that could be handled a lot better through Rule of Law. Make these activities legal but regulate them. Bring in casinos an Online Gambling but regulate it. To make it as safe as possible, License to Gamble or run or work at a Casino. Casinos put limits on how much people can win at a time. Lets put limits on how much people can lose. And other Common Sense Regulations like that.

Frederick, Cumberland, Hagerstown, Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Chestertown. Ocean City especially being on the ocean, should go without saying. All would be great places for people to go for Casino Entertainment. Not just for Marylanders, but people from Neighboring States. And Maryland as a result could bring our taxes down. And bring in more people and more business to the State. As a result.


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