“Simple Entitlement Reform”: The Contributions of GOV. Rick Perry to the 2012 Presidential Campaign

MILLER: Simple entitlement reform – Washington Times.

GOV. Rick Perry’s 2012 Presidential Campaign which of course didn’t live up to its original billing. As the Tea Party Presidential Candidate. That was going to unite the Tea Party Movement behind him. To bring down Mitt Romney the “Massachusetts Moderate”, as Newt Gingrich describes. him. I would call Mitt a Massachusetts Moderate Conservative. As a lot of New England Republicans are. Especially with a name like Romney but thats a different story. GOV. Perry’s Presidential Campaign, went down like a bad. Super Bowl that doesn’t live up to its hype. That turns out to be a blowout and as much as the “Mainstream Media”. Enjoys portraying Rick Perry as dumb or unqualified. I don’t see him that way, but someone who wasn’t ready for the National Stage. And what comes with that, because he had no experience being on it. And I’ll explain why.

Rick Perry put a few ideas on the table that are worth considering and I believe will be. Not just by Republicans and I’m certainly not a Republican. But I liked his idea about a Part Time Congress. Members of Congress essentially are already that. But for whatever reasons considered Full Time Federal Servants. With Full Time Pay and Benefits, he would change that and so would I. Make them Part Time Federal Servants and allow them to earn an outside living. When Congress is not in session, in their District or State. I would have Congress in Session 24 weeks or 120 days in Election Years. 28 weeks and 140 days in Off Years. Cut their pay and benefits in half and only pay them for the time that they are in session. Only give them one day off on Federal Holidays just like all other Federal Servants.

Another idea that GOV. Perry put on the table has to do with Foreign Aid. Instead of automatically giving countries, especially countries that have Authoritarian Regimes. Billions of dollars each year, we would make them apply for that aid. And their aid would come up for review every year. The other idea relates to immigration, instead of automatically kicking people out of the country. Who were brought over to this country by their parents illegally. And don’t remember the country that they came from. Allow them to stay in America, as long as they are obeying American Law. Going to school being productive and so forth. Instead of kicking them out of America and sending them back to a country. They don’t remember and aren’t familiar with.

The other idea relates to Social Security and Medicare. Where GOV. Perry suggested that we turn these programs over to the States. For them to run and the Federal Government could serve as a regulator. Instead of the Federal Government managing two programs that. Both cost around a 1T$ a year and have financial issues down the road. GOV. Perry has some serious Federalist Credentials and what Conservative Republicans use to look like. And represents, a lot in some ways. What the Tea Party Movement should’ve become. Before they hooked up with both the Religious and Neo Right in America. And deserves credit for it.


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