“Fox News Tops and Bottoms Cable ‘Trustworthiness’ “: The Mission of Fox News

Fox News tops and bottoms cable ‘trustworthiness’ | The Examiner | Yeas & Nays | Washington Examiner.

The Right Wing in America especially Neoconservatives. Have been complaining about what they call the “Liberal Media”. At least since the 1960s with Richard Nixon. And back in the early or mid 1990s, they decided that they are tired of getting. Screwed over by Dan Rather, NPR and others in what they call. The “Liberal Media” and decided that they were mad as hell. And weren’t going to take it anymore, especially News Corp. Owned by Rupert Murdoch who created publications like the. Washington Times, Weekly Standard, Conservative Talk Radio was coming on in the 1980s. Took off with Rush Limbaugh and others in the 1990s, partially as a response to what they call. “Liberal Baby Boomer” Bill Clinton who became President in 1993. And they came up with Fox News part of the Fox Network. And their own News Network FNC in 1995-96.

Fox News Channel or FNC for short, is basically the mouthpiece for the Republican Party. And broader Right Wing in American Politics. And I mean the whole Right Wing, from mainstream Classical Conservatives. Like John McCain and others, to Neoconservatives like the Heritage Foundation. To Christian Conservatives like the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins group and others. They even have people on the Left Wing. Which is where I would put Libertarians, a farther Left Version of Liberalism. As I would call it, especially on FBN the Fox Business Network. People like Judge Andrew Napalitano and Nick Gillespie and others. But FNC is certainly not a place I would go and people who are just looking for news. Should go for that, because their role is to provide the Right Wing spin of what’s. Going on in the World, they are a Mouthpiece for the Right Wing.

If you look at the FNC Lineup from late afternoon on. Its basically all people starting with Megan Kelly. Who are there to speak up for the Right Wing and speak out against the Left Wing. And the Democratic Party, with a few real News Reports mixed in. From people like Carl Cameron who’s a real Reporter and the FNC Chief Political Reporter. But FNC is not a solid source for news. With Chris Wallace on Sunday Morning, who’s a real News Anchor. Being an acception.


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