“It’s Complicated for Christian Conservatives in 2012”: What the Christian Right is Lacking in 2012

It’s complicated for social conservatives in 2012 | Cal Thomas | Columnists | Washington Examiner.

The Christian Right in America took a big hit in 2012. When Mike Huckabee a big Leader in their Movement. Decided not to run for President, because he would’ve been their Presidential Candidate. So they really haven’t had a Presidential Candidate to speak for their Movement. Or at least not one Presidential Candidate to lead their Movement. Michelle Bachmann tried to be that Candidate but crashed and burn. Rick Perry was trying to be the Tea Party Candidate, which is a little different. And has Christian Conservatives in it, like Michelle Bachmann. But GOV. Perry dropped out last week. The Christian Right has basically put their support behind Rick Santorum. But thats just come in the last month or so. And even the Christian Right has enough sense to understand. That Sen. Santorum will not be the Republican Nominee for President.

The Christian Right has the same issues as the Tea Party. They didn’t recruit a Candidate early on to represent them. Because they thought Mike Huckabee would be that Candidate. The Tea Party didn’t have a Candidate early on or now. They decided they would go with the Republican Candidate. That they liked the most during the Republican Primary’s. But so far they’ve decided that they don’t like anyone. But they may settle for Newt Gingrich, which would be even more bad news for Mitt Romney. So the Christian Right today is stuck with what’s left, unless Sarah Palin and this won’t happen. Decides to enter the Republican Race, so they may settle. Which I don’t think will happen or they’ll stay home in 2012. Which would be horrible news for the Republican Nominee.

When you don’t do your part to make sure that you have someone to vote for. You don’t have a lot of room to complain about the field that you get. Especially when you don’t do your part to recruit or encourage. One of your members to run for the Presidency. You basically leave it up to the Establishment to decide who’s going to be your Party Nominee. And the people who disagree with the Party Establishment. That they are willing to run for President themselves. Which is where Newt Gingrich’s role comes in.


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