“Reshaping Social Security and our Society”: How to Reform Social Security and make it Stronger

SHIPMAN: Reshaping Social Security and our society – Washington Times.

There are a few things I would like to do with Social Security in America. One thing that I would like to do, is because we have to do it. In order to save the program, another thing I would like to do. Is because I want to make it stronger, so it empowers people. In all Income Brackets, to finance their own Retirement Income. So they are Less Dependent on Public Assistance in their Senior Years. Or not dependent on Public Assistance at all in their Senior Years.

The first reform I would like to see has to do with how Social Security is financed. Fix the financing of it, in a couple of ways. To save it from bankruptcy by demanding that people who. Can afford to pay more in Payroll Taxes, do that. And lowering Payroll Taxes on people that get hit too hard by it. And ending Early Retirement Income for people who don’t need it. Raising the Retirement Age for able bodied and minded White Collar workers. And stop sending Social Security checks to people who don’t need the income to survive. And then I would like to empower people lets say 55 and younger or born after 1957. The ability to finance their own retirements, by putting more of their own money away. That would be matched by their employers. Something called Social Security Plus. Which would be Tax Free, as long as its not spent before the person retires. And give Low Income workers a Tax Credit so they could participate in this program. And then I would also like to Decentralize Social Security as well.

You fix the financing of Social Security first and then you can not only save it. But make it stronger by introducing something thats called Social Security Plus. Which would be an addition to Social Security. That people in all Income Brackets could participate in. So people who are eligible for the base Social Security. Who can’t pay their bills, would still get that income. But would also collect Social Security Plus if they participate in it. Which is a volunteer hike of their Payroll Tax, that would be matched by their employer. Into a Personal Retirement Account. That they could just put away in their PRA. Or they could also use those funds and invest those funds in Business Investments. The Stock Market or other outside Business Investments they may be. Involved with like a side business. Sell of Real Estate that sort of thing.

GOV. Rick Perry when he was running for President. Had a classic not ready for Prime Time Presidential Campaign. But he did put a few ideas on the table that are sound. And one of them had to do with Social Security. Taking it off the Federal Budget and allowing the States to set up their own. Social Security Systems, I would do that but require. These Social Security Systems to meet basic Federal Standards. But then take the next step and turn them into. Semi Private Non Profit Personal Retirement Services.

We could get our debt and deficit under control by doing all of these things. But also allow all people not just the wealthy, be able to have a sound retirement. Instead of forcing people to try to survive on just 15K$ a year on Social Security.


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