“Democrats Irate at Problem-Solving Sen. Ron Wyden”: How to Reform Medicare

via Democrats Irate at Problem-Solving Wyden.

A few months ago Sen. Ron Wyden a Liberal Democrat but pragmatic Member of Congress. And Member of the Finance Committee. Working with Rep. Paul Ryan Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. Introduced together their plan to Reform Medicare. Which is similar to the plan that the Medicare Reform Commission introduced in the late 1990s. Which would allow people on Medicare, to stick with either Medicare. Or choose a different Health Insurer, it would be their choice. At the expense of the taxes to fund Medicare, which is different from the Ryan Plan. Which would turn Medicare into a Voucher System. And force everyone who’s currently on Medicare, off of Medicare. And into Private Health Insurance, whether they want it or not. The Ryan-Wyden Medicare Reform plan, is similar but different then mine. Its much better then the original Ryan Medicare Reform plan.

In the Healthcare Reform debate a few years ago, I was for what’s called a Public Option. Which means that people would be able to get their Health Insurance. Through something like Medicare, if they choose to do so. It wouldn’t be a mandate, which is what would happen. With a Single Payer Medicare for all Healthcare System. But a Public Option and allow people who under lets say 67 -70. Who haven’t retired yet, to pay into Medicare. While current retirees on Medicare, would still get their Medicare Health Insurance. If they choose to stay on Medicare, through Payroll Taxes. From current workers, as well as premiums they would pay.

They other thing with my Public Option, is that I would allow the States to set up their own Healthcare System. And we would be able to see different ideas out there. What works and what doesn’t work and get Medicare out of the Federal Government. Saving the Feds roughly 700B$ a year. Allow each State to have their own Medicare System, that they wouldn’t run. Turn it into a Public Option, thats Semi Private Non Profit Self Financed Health Insurer. Covering both retirees and workers but they would choose for themselves to be on Medicare or not. And let the people decide for themselves, where to get their Health Insurance.

People who believe in Medicare For All should like my plan. For one it allows anyone in the country who can cover it. To be on Medicare or not and if Medicare is as great as they say. Then most of the country would choose to be on it. Also its the closest they’ll get to a Single Payer Healthcare System. In America that likes to make their Healthcare decision for themselves.


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