“GOP Preparing for 1964-Style ‘Politicide’?”: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

MICHAEL: GOP preparing for 1964-style ‘politicide’? – Washington Times.

There similarities between the 1964 Republican Presidential Campaign and the 2012 Campaign. When the Republican Party paid a heavy price in 1964. They had already lost everything in the Federal Government in 1960. When they lost the White House and the Democratic Party. At the time controlled Congress, retained Congress but added the White House. As well but in 1964, thanks to the Barry Goldwater Presidential Campaign. President Johnson was reelected President with 60% of the vote. And Congressional Democrats won the largest majorities. In Congress with around 290 plus seats in the House and 68 seats in the Senate. Democrats accomplished this because the Republican Party was divided. Between the Right Wing, which at the time seemed out of the mainstream. Because America was still in the New Deal/Great Society Progressive Era. And americans seemed happy with Big Government Progressivism. And the more Progressive Rockefeller Faction of the GOP. The Republicans that voted for Civil Rights in Congress.

Today the Republican Party is divided between Moderate Conservatives, the Establishment Wing. Of the party thats more interested in Economic Liberty and Foreign Policy. And would like to put Social Issues aside, not focus on them from the White House or in Congress. This Political Faction led by Mitt Romney. And the Republican Base of the Party, the what’s been called the Tea Party Movement. Thats made up of the Christian Right, Neoconservatives and Goldwater/Reagan Conservatives. And this movement is now putting their support behind Newt Gingrich. Its a Political Coalition, thats made up of. Goldwater/Reagan Classical Conservatives. Who also have strong Libertarian Leanings but also has the Christian and Neo Right in this Faction. The Big Government Wing of the Republican Party.

The Republican Party in the past has won the White House and Congress. By bringing both the Establishment and Grassroots Movement behind their candidates. Thats how Ron Reagan won the White House and was reelected overwhelmingly. As well as wining Independent Voters overwhelmingly. And something that the GOP has to have, in   order to win back the White House and Senate. As well as retain control of the House. And they can’t do this, while having the Establishment and Grassroots. Divided and fighting each other, over the control of the party. Which is what they are doing now.


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