“CBO Says Federal Employees Rake in much more Pay and Benefits”: The Federal Employees that Deserve a Cut

CBO says federal employees rake in much more pay – Washington Times.

Should Federal Employees or any Government Employees be making more money. Then people with similar skills and qualifications in the Private Sector. They should be making the same or even less, considering they are Public Servants. Who work for Public Non Profits. And those jobs are suppose to be about Public Service and if Profit Motive is your main concern. Get a job for a For Profit Company or start your own company. Public Employees shouldn’t be Low Income workers either. Its a disgrace what we pay our educators, Military Personal, Law Enforcement. Not saying these people should be rich working at Tax Payers expense. But they shouldn’t be making 30-35K$, collecting Public Assistance even. To pay their bills but they should be making at least as much as we say some of. Our Part Time Federal Employees who make 150K$ a year. Who are able to give themselves a Pay Increase just for showing up to work. And thats where I’m going to focus a lot of this post tonight.

I’m sure there other Federal Employees who make more then they are worth. Who work for agencies that takes them a week or month even to do. What it would take a Private Agency to do. Because the Government Agency has enough Red Tape to even shut up. Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Anne Coulter and still have Red Tape left over. But lets face it the most overpaid and overcompensated Federal Employees. Are Members of Congress, both House and Senate, Republican and Democrat. But their Congressional Staffs that actually do a lot of the work. Are probably underpaid and compensated, so maybe I would give them a raise. But Members of Congress are down to about three days a week, 26-27 weeks a year. This is why they come in late Monday, basically have no votes. Leave Thursday or early Friday but make 150K$ a year anyway. And then they wonder why they have an Approval Rating of 10%.

So what I would do is only pay Members of Congress for the time that they work. Put into law that they work 24-26 weeks a year. 24 during an Election Year, 26 during an Off Year. And cut their pay in half to around 75K$ a year. And allow them to take an outside job and have outside income in the Private Sector. But they would have to report everything that they do to the Federal Government. And these records would be made open to the General Public. And there would be even more rules for Committee and Sub Committee Chairman and Ranking Members. In english the Majority and Minority Leaders of these Committees. For example they couldn’t work for a company they oversee. And be limited to the amount of outside income they could make. And get a larger Federal Salary.

Other good Congressional Rules would be, that the President would have a say in all Congressional Pay Raises. Just like the President has a say in all Pay Raises for the rest of the Federal Workforce. Retired Members of Congress would have to wait 5-10 years. Before they could lobby the Federal Government. Members of Congress would have to serve at least twenty years in Congress. Whether they serve in both the House or Senate or just in one Chamber. To be eligible for a Congressional Pension, that they would pay into. And it would be optional whether they would take their pension or not. Perhaps wealthy people who are wealthy before serving in Congress. Wouldn’t be eligible for a Congressional Pension at all.

Every time I here a Member of Congress complain about how much Federal Employees. Make and are compensated and we’ve been hearing less us this lately. As the Approval Rating of Congress is something like 10%. I say to myself or would tell them, that they should look at their. Own Payment and Compensation Packages. Before they complain about how other Federal Employees and how they are compensated.


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