“Three Cheers for RomneyCare”: The Amount that Anne Coulter doesn’t know

Three cheers for RomneyCare – HUMAN EVENTS.

If you look at what Massachusetts passed back in 2004-05 as far as their Healthcare Reform Law. And the 2010 Affordable Care Act, they are both built and designed around the same goals. That everyone who needs Healthcare Insurance, should be able to get it. That everyone that can afford to pay for at least part of the Health Insurance. Should do that and that the Private Health Insurance Industry should be regulated. Both Laws have a Tax Credit for people who make too much money to be eligible for Medicaid. And not old enough to collect Medicare. As well as Tax Credits for employers so they can provide Health Insurance. For their employees and what’s known as a. Patients Bill of Rights, that says people can’t be thrown off of their Health Insurance. Because they need it, they get hurt or sick, have a Pre Existing Condition. Basically as long as they can cover their share of their Health Insurance. They get to keep it, these are Progressive Common Sense Reforms. That are in both laws. And a Healthcare Mandate meaning that people who can cover at least part of their Healthcare. Will be required to do so.

This is why the Affordable Care Act won’t be a big issue in the Presidential Election. Because President Obama basically supports what Mitt Romney passed. As Governor of Massachusetts and Newt Gingrich at least at one point. Supported very similar Healthcare  Reforms, when he was still in the House and as late as 2003, if not later. This is not a Socialist Takeover of the Health Insurance System. That Progressive Democrats wanted that President Obama. Was smart enough not to try to push. Because he wouldn’t of gotten anything passed had he did. Even with a Democratic Congress. It would’ve been the Healthcare Reform debate of 1993-94 all over again. Even with a Democratic Congress, the President was interested. In passing something that could actually pass, that would cover as many people as possible.

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 is really just round one of Healthcare Reform. We have now 50M people in America that doesn’t have Health Insurance. And the ACA covers 30M of those people. More evidence that its not a Socialize Healthcare System. Because with something like that, we would all be forced to get Health Insurance. From the Federal Government and maybe have to go to Federal Hospitals as well.

This also means that Mitt or Newt won’t be able to throw the AFA at President Obama’s face. Because they both supported similar Legislation in the past. And what they are really doing, is about winning the Republican Nomination for President. Where the AFA is extremely unpopular and not doing so well with the rest of the country as well.


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