“Mitt Romney’s Safety Net Shift”: How to Manage Safety Net

Romney’s Safety Net Shift.

If your going to talk about a Safety Net and reforming a Safety Net. You need to first know what it is and how a Safety Net is different from a Welfare State. America has had a Safety Net going back to the New Deal in the 1930s. For almost eighty years, Europe has a Welfare State. And have had those for much longer, they are just very different from us politically. And most of those countries are Socialist Democracies. Where in America we have a Liberal Democracy. A Safety Net is to help people who get left behind or made mistakes early in life. They lost their job, they had kids way to early and are Single Parents. Without the means and skills to support their kids. Public Assistance for Low Income workers who don’t make enough money for their Health Insurance or enough food or to pay for their housing.

A Welfare State which is common in Europe, is where the Federal Government. Takes a much bigger role in providing Human Services for its people. Healthcare, Health Insurance, Public Education, Higher Education. Housing, Transportation like in Britain. And when their people aren’t able to take care of themselves. The government steps in to take care of them. With things like Unemployment Insurance  and their Public Benefits are a lot more generous. Probably the main reason why their taxes are so much higher then the United States. They also don’t have Time Limits on their Public Benefits like we do in America. So if you lose your job in lets say Sweden. There isn’t a set amount of time that you have to find another job. Before you lose your Unemployment Insurance.

So a Safety Net is to help people when they fall and help support them. Which should be the first job but going forward, what we should be doing with the Safety Net. As far as its missions, is to design it so it empowers people. Who are mentally and physically able to work full time. To get them the skills that they need in order to take care of themselves. Which would go a long way to bring down our Unemployment and Poverty Rates. Because we would be adding a lot more Skilled Workers to the Workforce. This is also something we should be doing with our Prison Inmates. But thats probably a different blog, you don’t reduce Poverty and Unemployment. Just by giving people Public Assistance Checks. Because they are still unable to take care of themselves. If they don’t have the skills that they need.

The other thing I would like to do with our Safety Net. Is to empower our Community Service Sector. To take up these responsibilities and get them out of the Public Sector. Which would cut Red Tape, because they wouldn’t have to ask the Feds. For permission for everything and have the power to experiment new ideas. And empower people who need these Public Services, to get on their feet and become Self Sufficient.


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