FreeStatePlus: “Has Mitt Romney Snatched Defeat From the Jaws of Victory?”: The GOP Race for the Nomination goes on

via Has Romney Snatched Defeat From the Jaws of Victory?.

Tuesday’s Republican Primary results indicate to me at least what I’ve been arguing for all along. That the Republican Party doesn’t know who they want to lead them in the Fall. And they don’t like any of their choices enough to let them win. Even though the main three Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Appeal to certain factions of the GOP, Mitt to the Economic Conservatives. Rick to the Christian Right Blue Collar Republicans and Neoconservatives. And Newt to the Tea Party but except for Mitt to the Economic Conservatives and Rick for the Christian Right. None of these candidates have a firm hold on any of these factions. To give them enough momentum to lock up the Presidential Nomination. So Republican Voters are telling them to fight on. And we’ll let you know later on.

I’ve been saying this for a couple of months that 2012 is looking like 1984 for me. But this time the Democrats coming out on top. With President Obama winning 35-40 States, including most of the big States. And around 55% of the Electoral Vote, Democrats holding the Senate. But probably not adding to it, just because they have so many seats they have to defend. And the House Republican Majority put at serious risk. With House Democrats picking up 20-30 seats, this is what happens when an Opposition Party is divided. When they don’t have a clear frontrunner to take the place of their last President. Several members feel its now their turn to lead their party and take it back to the Promise Land.

The Republican Party will continue to fight on and this race may last until May or go through May. While President Obama is waiting in the wings for his opponent. With an improving economy and rising Approval Ratings. Facing a Divided GOP not sure who their Nominee will be.


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One Response to FreeStatePlus: “Has Mitt Romney Snatched Defeat From the Jaws of Victory?”: The GOP Race for the Nomination goes on

  1. lizzygram says:

    The economy isn’t really on a rise. That is what they want us to believe…for they know these numbers need to rise or his chance of getting re-elected is ziltch. The GOP is divided…they are “Progressive’s” in there as well. We as voters…need to do our homework and put each and everyone of them under a mircoscope….every time someone needs to be elected. And do not vote for anyone who says they have Progressive Views…run like hell from them. Right now…I am leaning towards Santorum.


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