FreeStatePlus: “Path to a Brokered GOP Convention Emerges”: The way Party Conventions use to be

Path to a Brokered GOP Convention Emerges.

Me personally as a Political Junky, I would love to go back to the old days. In how Presidential Nominations were decided, when they were decided at the Party Convention. And I’m not saying this as a Democrat who won’t have to go through that. This year but as a Political Junky and Blogger thats been. Following the GOP Race and would like to see both parties do this in the future. This is most likely not going to happen in 2012. Chances are Mitt Romney will have enough Delegates by April or May. The question will be what shape will he be in going up against President Obama. But I would like to see a system, where both Democrats and Republicans. Nominate their Presidential Nominee at the Convention.

I think it would be great for American Politics and our Education of Voters to draw this process out. So the top two candidates with the most Delegates would go to the. Convention and the Convention would get to decide there. Between the top two candidates, who their Presidential Nominee would be and they could debate on the floor. Give speeches, the two candidates could debate each other as well. You could set up a system, where instead of having Super Tuesdays. With maybe ten different primaries, you have two primaries per week, on different days. With a Presidential Debate between and each Presidential Candidate. And each Candidate would still be allowed to compete for the Nomination. As long as they mathematically eligible for 1st or 2nd place.

You could set up a Nomination System for both parties, where the. Smallest States to the Mid Size States, to the Big States. Would have their primaries, for example States like North Dakota would go first. States like Missouri would be in the middle, States like Florida would be in the end. And the Primary Season would end around July. The top two Presidential Candidates going to the Convention. To compete for the Presidential Nomination. If the President doesn’t have an opponent, they would have to get at least 60% of the vote to collect the delegates. No more Winner Take All Primaries, except or Candidates that get. 60% of the vote, you would get Delegates based on your percentage of the vote. Unless there is a Candidate that wins 60%.

Broker Conventions aren’t good for the Opposition Party thats facing a President. With the Political Skills of a Barack Obama, who doesn’t have a Primary Opponent. As much as the Far Left threatened to give him one. Unless they are done intentionally, because it would force Presidential Candidates. To compete in more places then they would otherwise and debate more then they expected to. Giving them a chance to really practice their Campaign Skills. And prepare them for the General Election. And give voters a chance to really learn who these Candidates are.


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