FreeStatePlus: Arthur Brooks: “Take the fight to the Redistributionists”: What American Capitalism should look like

Arthur Brooks: Take the fight to the redistributionists.

If America had a purely Capitalist Economy. There would be no Safety Net, no taxes, no regulations. Basically people could do whatever the hell they wanted to. Welcome to the Wild Wild West, buckle up folks. Hopefully your armed and loaded and if you get knocked down. Your at the mercy of others to get back up. But thats not the Economic System we have and there’s now a consensus in this country. Thats probably the least Socialist of any Democracy in the World. Thats not the Economic System we want either, we want our Economic Liberty. We want all of our Liberty but we also want the protections but not too many. Against the harm of others that would abuse innocent people. And some type of Safety Net and I don’t believe the Federal Government. Should be running it but some type of Safety Net that catches people. Who fall down and helps them back up.

What made American Capitalism so great and gave us the largest economy in the World. And where people have immigrated from half way and from the other side of the World. To live here and have even come across the pond from Europe. To immigrate here, was our Individual Liberty, Economic and otherwise. The opportunity to make a good living in America, based on your skills, qualifications. And what you produced and not see most of that money go to government. Not be taxed or regulated out of business and for people who fall down. A Safety Net to catch them when they fall down and help them back up. We’ve never had an Economic System, where we expected government to take care of us. Just protect and help us up when we fall down.

This is what American Capitalism use to be up until about ten years ago. Where as a government we’ve borrowed and spent, while we were increasing the size of the Federal Government . Not paying for it, not producing a well educated Workforce but where we instead. We now have to import workers from countries that do have strong Education Systems. To take the jobs that we don’t have enough qualified American Workers to take. And we have paid a heavy price for this economically and still are paying for it today. And we need to get back to American Capitalism to save our economy. Not run away from it.


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