C-SPAN: Inauguration Speech- 1989 George H.W. Bush


George HW Bush 41st President of the United States

Source: C-SPAN: George H.W. Bush’s Presidential Inauguration

George W. Bush as President, I have a lot of problems with him and his Presidency. And they mainly relate to his qualifications as President. He made a lot of mistakes, that someone with better knowledge and education, experience. Wouldn’t of made, he made mistakes, that his father or Bill Clinton wouldn’t of made. And all you have to do in order to see that. Is look at the results of his Presidency. Presidents in large part are judged by what shape the country was in. When they took office and what shape the country was in. When they leave office, based on that alone, its almost impossible to say. That George W. Bush was a successful President. His father George HW Bush, despite the economic problems he dealt with. Going through a recession and High Unemployment. The country was in decent shape for President Clinton but still with some problems.

George W. Bush left Barack Obama a whole hell of a lot of problems. That three years later we are still dealing with but making some progress. Like the “Great Recession”, a 10T$ National Debt, up from from 4T$ just eight years ago. A 1T$ Budget Deficit, up from a 40B$ Budget Surplus. A shrinking economy, rising unemployment. But his father who his son, I believe learned nothing from. Except how to settle old scores , take on people who he didn’t like. And didn’t agree with his father, basically had all the qualifications. To be President of the United States, Military Service. Foreign Service, Private Sector experience, starting his own Oil Company. And becoming a billionaire as a result Congressional Service, Executive Service. All of these things happening before he became Vice President of the United States.

If George W. Bush, was George William Jones, Small Businessman but successful. From Dallas, Texas, the rest of the country probably never hears of him. But his father yes came from a wealthy family but used those resources. To have his own great career, where his son didn’t know. What he wanted to do with his life until he was forty years old. His father didn’t try to avoid the war of his generation. But was a Decorated Veteran and to look at his Presidency. The Americans with Disabilities Act, so disabled people. Could get access to runways, people who can’t climb steps. And other things like that, the Clean Air Act. The Deficit Reduction Act of 1990s, a Fiscally Conservative President. He took out a Latin Dictator in Panama, who was exporting narcotics to America. Panama is today a Democracy, got Iraq out of Kuwait. And as a result we could eliminate their WMD. Which was done by the late 1990s.

Two Presidents that I believe tend to be overlooked and to a certain extent. Were the Harry Truman’s of their era but not as important. Gerry Ford and George HW Bush, because they didn’t have great personalities. Both have excellent sense of humors, which doesn’t get enough attention. But both became President, when they were ready for the job. And knew what was ahead of them and just did their jobs. This is what needs to be done, so lets do it. Instead of trying to do too much, which is something George W. Bush never learned.

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