FreeSatePlus: “Showdown Looms Over Private Prisons”: The Issues with Private Prisons


Prison Entrance

Showdown Looms Over Private Prisons.

I understand the frustration that Executives and Legislatures feel. About their run away Prisons Costs and how to fund their Corrections Systems. Especially in an era of slow Economic Growth, High Unemployment. And tight budgets as a results and different States are looking for ways to make savings. In their Corrections Systems, so some of them have basically. Contracted out the work the running of some of their prisons. By allowing Private Prisons to operate and hold their inmates. Tax Payers pay these Private Prisons to house their inmates. And the theory is that, if the State doesn’t have to house these inmates. That will save them the money of having to operate these State Prisons. Which tend to be costly. Thats the theory.

The issues with Private Prisons is that they are For Profit, which leads to other issues. Because the more inmates they house and the longer they house them. The more money they make at Tax Payers expense. And as a result these Prison Corporations, which is what they are. Lobby different governments, so they can operate in their jurisdiction. But also they lobby for longer Prison Sentences and for more laws. To be created, so more people can be arrested and serve longer sentences. So these Corporations, make money off the backs of Tax Payers. But also off the backs of the inmates, who otherwise would’ve served a shorter sentence. Or not been arrested at all, perhaps they were arrested. For what Libertarian Author Milton Friedman called a “Bad Law”. And doesn’t pose a threat to anyone, other then maybe themselves.

I’m all for cutting our Prison Costs and reforming our Corrections Systems. To make them more efficient and Cost Effective. But that gets to things like reforming or eliminating our “Bad Laws. Stop sending people to Prison, who aren’t a threat to anyone other then maybe themselves. Instead of trying to control how people live their own lives. Regulate how people live with each other. Stop sending Drug Addicts to Prison and get them into Drug Rehab. Regulate marijuana, instead of arresting people for using or possessing it. Return Prison Industries and put our inmates back to work, so they can pay for their Living Expenses. Get out inmates into school, so they are prepared. For life on the outside and don’t have to come back to Prison.

Of course we need to reform our Corrections System, just like we need air, food and water to survive. But there are ways to doing that, which will solve this problem. And there are ways of doing that, that will make the problems worst. And Private Prisons are part of the problem, not the solution.


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