FreeStatePlus: “Barack Obama’s Theory of Government”: Now the Truth about Barack Obama

Big Government Republicans

via Barack Obama’s Theory of Government.

Its a little hard to hear Neoconservatives like Commentary Magazine. Complain about someone else when it comes to Big Government. Its like hearing a pig get on someone about eating too much. Or a drunk getting on someone for drinking too much. Or a Bank Robber getting on a shoplifter about why stealing is wrong. It just doesn’t work, Neoconservatives love Big Government, as much as Paula Dean loves food. Or Michael Jordan loves basketball. They just like a different form of Big Government, where people can live their lives. As they want, as long as they approve, like in Rick Santorum’s case. Your free to live your life, as long as your straight. You don’t listen to Heavy Metal music, watch pornography. Smoke a joint, use condoms or Birth Control, all things that Sen. Santorum. If he had his way would be illegal in America.

Its also a little hard to listen to Neoconservatives complain about the problems with Deficit Spending. Especially since they created about 40% of the National Debt we are dealing with today. That was in just eight years by the way, they spent money in the Bush Administration. Faster then Drunk Sailors with no limits on their credit. Or a shopaholic with Donald Trumps’s Credit Cards and Checkbook. I mean unless they are telling President Obama, what not to do. Because we have experience on how not to run a Federal Budget. Because we passed off the debt and deficit your dealing with today. So this is a lesson from Bad Experience, fine but the President already knows what not to do. And is not going to take advice from people. who are efficient in screwing up. And don’t know what to but instead like the smart man he is. Is going to take advice from people who know what they are doing.

The National Debt and Deficit, 15T$ and 2T$ that the President is dealing with today. And the “Great Recession”, Barack Obama inherited from the Bush Administration. 67% of the National Debt and 60% of the Budget Deficit. And 100% of the “Great Recession”, that represents a big chunk. Of the Obama Deficit, so if Commentary Magazine was being factual. And not just looking for a way to screw the President, they would’ve pointed these facts out. But as we all know, Neoconservatism, doesn’t operate in a World of facts and evidence. But in faith, trust us we know what we are doing. Even if evidence suggests the opposite.


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