Prison Reform Movement: “Criminalizing the Poor”: From Welfare to Cellfare”: From Welfare to Workfare which is why TANF Works

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Criminalizing the Poor: From Welfare to Cellfare.

By listening to people who oppose the 1996 TANF law. Better known as the Welfare to Work that a Republican Congress passed. And was signed into law by President Clinton. After President Clinton vetoed it twice. Because it didn’t have things like childcare for single parents. So they could go look for work, go back to school. Go to job training, look for a job etc, as well as education and job training in it. By listening to people who oppose this law, Progressive Democrats and Democratic- Socialists. You might get the idea that what they would do instead of the status quo. Where we allow people to have kids before they are ready to take care of them. And pass those costs on to the tax payers. And not expect anything from these parents. Newt Gingrich might be wrong about a lot of things. But when he said the old Welfare system created a “culture of dependency”. He was right.

With the current TANF system, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Its expected of these people on TANF, to prepare themselves to go to work. Thats why there are time limits, job training, education, job placement and childcare. As well as all the other public assistance that comes from being out of a job. Having kids before your ready to take care of them. Or dropping out of high school or not even bothering to get a higher education. Is no longer an excuse for sitting at home and having no plans to go to work. These people are expected to go to work and have time limits. To reenforce that, so they can’t get comfortable with not working. Thats the whole point of Time Limits, not to be mean but to make it clear. That there’s a limit to how long people can live off of tax payers for free.

Even the Progressive think tank Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Believes the TANF law has been a success, we saw a record low of people in poverty. During the Clinton Administration to 13% and thanks to three recessions later. We are now pushing 20% but that’s not because of TANF. Millions of people who use to be on TANF, went to work. Perhaps for the first time in their lives, because of the economic boom. Of the 1990s and the TANF Law.


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