FreeStatePlus: Sen. Olympia Snowe to Retire from Senate: The Death of Northeastern Republicanism in the GOP?


Northeastern Republican

Olympia Snowe to Retire from Senate.

In today’s Religious and Neoconservative Republican Party, Olympia Snowe. Would be considered a Moderate in that Party, perhaps even leaning left. But when Olympia Snowe was first elected to Congress in I believe 1978. To the House of Representatives, a good year for Republicans. Who picked up seats in both the House and Senate. Then Rep. Snowe fit in very well in the GOP, because she was a. Get Big Government out of my wallet and bedroom Republican. Who didn’t focus on Social Issues but concentrated on issues. That make the Republican Party look good or at least back then. Keep taxes down, return Federal Power back to the States and people. Spend no more then you take in and try to spend less then what you take in. A Foreign Policy based on the National Security interests of the United States. Not trying to police the World. All issues except for the taxes, that would make Sen. Snowe look like a Liberal in today’s GOP.

This is how Republicans get elected in the Liberal Northeast. By focusing on the issues that play well for them there. Not by embracing the Big Government ideas of the Far Right. Being not just against Big Government Progressivism but being against Big Government Neoconservatism as well. And not trying to force your values down the throats of people who disagree with you. And trying to outlaws things you don’t like, just because you don’t like them. And calling those things threats to National Security. But thats where the GOP is today and why Sen. Snowe doesn’t believe she can get reelected in Maine. And worried about getting a Primary Challenge from the Far Right.

Its not just the Northeast where Republicanism is dying. But the same thing can happen across the country. The farther to the right the party goes and the more they embrace Big Government Neoconservatism.


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