Human Events: Opinion-John Stossel- Prohibition- The Power to Protect People From Themselves


Big Government

Human Events: Opinion- John Stossel- Prohibition.

What is Big Government, some people might say it’s about Government taxing too much to fund a Welfare State. Well they would be half right, it’s really about Government. Having the power to take care of people and do for them. What they can do for themselves, as well as protect people from themselves. So it’s about yes limiting Economic Liberty and even taking some back. But essentially controlling how people live their lives. Not just economically with the high taxes and regulations, Centralize Power. But also trying to protect people from themselves. Because you believe they aren’t responsible enough to make their own decisions. And you may just not like what they are doing with their lives. The Same Sex Marriage is a perfect example of that, so would the War on Drugs.

If you try to protect people from themselves and try to prohibit what they do. All you’re doing is making those activities illegal and creating more work for yourself. Because when you catch them doing what you don’t like. Now you got to arrest them and unless you wise up and let them go. Now you have to prosecute them and if you convict them. You got to babysit them in jail or prison, take care of them at Tax Payers expense. Provide the services they need for them to survive, do for them things they can do for themselves.

These activities don’t go away just because you prohibit them. They are done underground instead because the people doing them believe its worth the risk. Of getting caught, that’s the War on Drugs in America. If the Federal Government had some Common Sense, they would’ve realized this forty years ago. Before they created the War on Drugs and wouldn’t have spent a trillion dollars. Of Tax Payer dollars fighting a War that’s only gotten worse under their watch. People trying to protect people from themselves.


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