FreeStatePlus: “Should We Police Food Stamps?”: We should stop Subsidizing Unhealthy Dieting

Tax Payers Expense

via Should We Police Food Stamps?.

If you look at the obesity and diabetes rate in America and those rates. Amongst people in poverty, its extremely high, basically 1/2 of all Americans are obese or are in danger of being obese. Which is now considered a disease and shouldn’t be laughed at, especially if your obese yourself. Another problem with obesity is that it leads into other diseases. Like diabetes and Heart Disease and cancers. And another thing with obesity, is that its a preventable disease. People don’t have to get it, if you eat right and exercise properly. Starting as a kid and retain those habits as an adult, you can avoid obesity as an adult. And if your obese as a kid, chances are your going to be obese as an adult. I have at least one friend who qualifies as that.

The last thing we should be doing as a country with a 16T$ National Debt and 2T$ National Deficit. And a Healthcare System that costs us 17% of our GDP. Is subsidizing things that make those problems worse. We can’t force people to take care of themselves. But we make them pay a Financial Cost for not taking care of themselves. And not allow them to past those costs on to people who do take care of themselves. Tax Payers shouldn’t be subsidizing the bad eating habits of people who don’t take care of themselves. Through any Public Assistance that we provide as a country. So Food Assistance to use as an example. Shouldn’t pay for Junk Food and Drink, people paying for these items. Should have to do it out of pocket, not paying for it with their Public Assistance.

One of the ways we bring down our Healthcare Costs in America. Is through Preventive Care, subsidize Healthy Behavior and charge people out of pocket. For unhealthy behavior and we’ll have less people as a country. Who get Free Healthcare to deal with conditions. They brought on themselves.


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